IF - Clandestine

Roma sereno 6° - 11° C

Who lives in my balcony at night?

Felice anno nuovo ٭ Happy new year ٭ Bonne année ٭ Feliz año nuevo

Roma pioggia 8° - 10° C

I do not ever wanted a printer, my motto was "paperless" both at work and at home ... well I changed my mind. For my birthday, a few weeks ago, Jacques gave me a color printer ink-jet which opened a fantastic world to me !
Here is immortalized the 2009 calendar (of which I am very proud) that I'll publish it here month by month.

Non avevo mai voluto una stampante e il mio motto era, sia al lavoro che a casa, "paperless"... ebbene mi sono ricreduta: per il mio compleanno, poche settimane fà, Jacques mi ha regalato una stampante a colori a getto di inchiostro e da allora si è aperto un mondo fantastico!
Ecco qui un esempio di cui sono molto orgogliosa: il calendario 2009 disegnati da me, stampati e ritagliati da Jacques, e poi mese per mese lo pubblicherò qui sul blog.

Buon Natale ٭ Merry Christmas ٭ Joyeux Noel ٭ Feliz Navidad

Roma sereno 6° - 14° C

Christmas always offers us some small sweet surprises!

(I proposed this one as magnet on Libellulobar vote for me!)

IF - Voices

Roma sereno 5° - 13° C

... that little voice !

IF - Similar

Roma pioggia 11° - 14° C

Similar to Sugary?
of course, this is the winter version of that one!


Roma pioggia 12° - 15° C

Thanks Monica e Andrea for tagged me, this is my first time !!!

Now I have to mention the play rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
4. Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
5. Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.

Well here are the 6 details about me:

  1. Faruffa is a nickname and derives from my surname
  2. I want so much to have a dog, but my current lifestyle does not allow that
  3. when I am driving my car I become an hooligan
  4. I fear to fly
  5. my English is very bad and I often use online translators
  6. I worship order and cleanliness, so I often become pedantic

IF - Balloon

Roma pioggia 13° - 17° C

IF - Opinion

Roma nuvoloso 13° - 16° C

For the first time I have ventured to draw a human figure, I'm in difficulty when I try to do this and now I ask your opinion: what do you think about her?

New icon !

Roma variabile 10° - 17° C

Faruffa gardner become the new icon!

IF - Pretend

Roma poco nuvoloso 7° - 15°C

She loves to pretend to be an expert gardener !!!

IF - Wise

Roma poco nuvoloso 10° - 18° C

even if she is so small, she is very wise !

(these days I'm so busy, so I propose you a review of "Hoard")

IF - Vacant

Roma sereno 16° - 24° C

These days I'm a little sad for a loved one who went away ...

IF - Late

Roma variabile 17° - 21° C

If the laundry does not dry soon, he will be late for tea !

P.S.: the hidden word of last friday is: "ciao"

Vote Autumn Pot !!!

Roma nuvoloso 15° - 24° C

I sent my Autumn Pot at Libellulobar hoping it becomes a beautiful magnet and I need your votes ... if you like it click here to vote me

IF - Strings 2

Roma sereno 14° - 25° C

This one comes from the fun box of sweet of Alessio birth: a little striped pyjamas full of sugared almonds :o)

Gira gira gira ...

Roma sereno 15° - 25° C

IF - Strings

Roma sereno 15° - 25° C

In computer programming "strings" are sequence of symbols or digits: do you know which is the word hidden in this binary sequence?
... italian word 4 letters :o)

IF - Sugary

Roma poco nuvoloso 12° - 21°C

Hansel and Gretel candy house ... maybe

IF - Packed

Roma nuvoloso 12° - 22° C

Dedicato a Jacques

Roma nuvoloso 13° - 21°C

noi e la nostra "io e te"

IF - Clique

Roma pioggia 16° - 18° C

Here is my clique: my little patients friends that watch me from the window and keep me always company when I'm at work

Unique Award

Roma sereno 14° - 24° C

grazie, asante, arigatoo, danke, espasiba, merci, muchas gracias, obrigada, shukran, thank you, xiexie, terima kasih May

I received this unique and wonderful award from my talented blogger friend May, this is a great honour and find this illustration on her blog was for me a great great emotion!

IF - Clutter

Roma sereno 20° - 30°C

clutter, clutter, clutter ... at the moment all around me is clutter !!!

In these days I am overwhelmed by confusion and disorder, we are make again the parquet floor in the living room and nothing proceeds as expected: everything that can go wrong is going wrong (Murphy's law) , so I take a refuge inside my small worlds full of color and harmony :o)

"I love your blog" award

Roma sereno 20° - 30° C
A blogger friend of mine, Kristin Seeland of Illustration Blog, nominated me for the lovely award "I love you blog" ...thank you Kristin, I'm honored :o)
All of you who pass from here, go to visit her blog and discover her delightful water color characters!
The rules for this award are:
1-Display the logo on your blog

2-Link back to the person you received the award from
3-Nominate 7 other blogs
4-Put links of those blogs on yours
5-Leave a message on their blogs so they know they've been nominated.

Here the seven nominations of blogs that I love:
Rebz Barbouille
May Pictures Blog
My College Art
Senta Plyer
Sketched Out
Temzlandia Illustration

IF - Memories

Roma sereno 18° - 31° C

Nuovi magneti?

Roma sereno 18° - 31° C

Vote for Faruffa at Libellulobar ... so these 2 will become a pair beautiful magnets !!!

Click the pencil !!!

Roma sereno 19° - 34 °C
What's better than holidays to break the routine?

IF - Detach

Roma sereno 18° - 30° C

- click to enlarge -
I dream a detached home !!!

IF - Sail

Roma soleggiato 20° - 33° C

In these days I am too busy: work and small restructuring at home, so it's impossible to find a moment for blog and bloggers, and I suggest again this illustration I published some time ago.

Have a wonderful "Ferragosto" !!!

IF - Poof

Roma sereno 19° - 33°C

I prepared this flash card for my little niece birthday ... it seems right for "Poof" !

Care ziette sul cammello

Roma sereno 20° - 32° C

Grazie al compagnuccio di stanza, ho appena digitalizzato questa stupenda vecchia foto di famiglia che ritrae le care ziette Antonietta e Teresa (circa 80 anni l'una e 75 l'altra) che se vanno a dorso di cammello in Egitto !!!

Just now I scanned this old wonderful photo of family, depicting my dears aunts Antoinetta and Teresa (80 and 75 years old ) tourists in Egypt !!!

Sweet sweet Award

Roma 19° -30° C

A lovely and unique gift from Andi Butler, she is a great talented illustrator and has a sweet nature, don't miss her wonderful creations !!!

IF - Canned

Roma sereno 17° - 29° C

I prefer live music, not canned !
(dedicato a Rao)

Floral pattern

Roma sereno 19° - 30° C

I adore floreal pattern, especially colorful style 60' , try and try at last I understood how realize a repetitive pattern: here the result !!!

Faruffando compie 1 anno

Roma sereno 19° - 32° C

Click to start!

One year blog, one year of discoveries.
I discovered passion for illustration and animation, I found many friends to whom I share these passions on the net ... thanks to Blogger and thanks to all you bloggers :o)
... It's strange to think that only a year ago this for me didn't exist!

Un anno di blog, un anno di scoperte.
Ho scoperto la passione per l'illustrazione e per le animazioni, ho scoperto tanti i amici con i quali condividere queste passioni in rete ... un grazie a Blogger e a tutti i bloggisti :o)
... mi riesce proprio difficile pensare che solo un anno fà tutto ciò per me non esistesse!!!

IF - Enough

Roma sereno 18° - 28°C

He has enough to be a port !!!

Premio 2008 - Brillante Weblog

Roma sereno 20° -27° C
The wonderfully talented blog friends Bobo, Christy, Connie, and Senta gave me this award, it's a big honor and a wonderful present for 1th blog birthday, on July 20, thank you very much to you all !!!
Even if you are not their admirers, you must discover the work of these three talented illustrators, so rich of humor, imagination and creativity !

This are the rules of accepting:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Many are the blogs I love and the artists I admire ... it's hard to select 7 entries ... this are my 7 nominations:

IF - Foggy

Roma sole 18° - 31° C

Looking out the window in a foggy rainy days

IF - Fierce

Roma sole 21° - 32° C
Even a small snail becomes fierce if someone touches her home !

Klutz book: “Paper Fashions: Fancy”

Roma sole e caldo 19° - 33° C

A few weeks ago I won the Klutz book "Paper Clothing: Fancy" made by Andi Butler, which gave in prize for her birthday. This book is fantastic and really fun, and here some photos to document the moment I received it!!!

Magnete "Summer Pot"

Roma sereno 17° - 28° C

Sono molto orgogliosa di annunciare che il mio Summer Pot è stato scelto per realizzare un'edizione speciale di magneti, affrettatevi ad acquistarlo, sono stati prodotti solo 50 pezzi !!!
P.S. tutti gli esemplari di Little Worlds sono stati venduti :o)

IF - Punchline ?

Roma nuvoloso 15° - 24° C

Click here for large and looped version: http://www.webalice.it/faruffa/animazioni/mouseloop.swf

This little mouse comes out from the "Libro del Foam", I bought this fantastic booklet for child with lots of ideas and a bunch of pieces of foam, so many shapes and colors: glue a few shapes on a piece of paper and make apples, airplanes, alligators, arrows, aardvarks and absolutely anything else !!!

IF - Forgotten

Roma poco nuvoloso 14° - 23° C

Which is the forgotten pot?
(click here to have the solution)

Fiore rosa

Roma nuvoloso 15° - 19° C

Esercizi di grafica vettoriale: trasparenze

Hoard of books

Roma pioggia 17° - 20° C

(click to enlarge!)

IF - Baby

Roma sereno 16° - 22° C

Baby Play Park

Domenica al parco II

Roma sereno 16° - 29° C

Domenica al parco II

Non andava, allora ho levato le ombre, seguendo il suggerimento di DND, poi ho continuato cambiando tanti piccoli e grandi particolari, sono ancora indecisa sui palloncini, mi sono venuti bene ma forse non c'entrano nulla con il resto ...

Domenica al parco!

Roma sereno 14° - 27° C

(click to enlarge)

Sono arrivati i magneti !!!

Roma sereno 14° - 24° C

Viva Libellubar

Magnets from Libellulobar are arrived: they are so beautiful, much more beautiful as you can see trought the video (and photographed by me), they have a perfect definition and bright, seem ceramics. Bravo to Frédéric who realize them, and to Coralie, Elé (and me) for subjects: so different and all so cheerful!

IF - Worry

Roma variabile 13° - 22° C

... don't worry, nothing was done!

Oggi in ufficio "Piccoletto’s Day"

Roma nuvoloso 13° - 22° C

Da qualche anno che la mia azienda organizza a maggio il "Children's Day", un evento molto bello e festoso: apre le porte ai bimbi dei dipendenti, che possono scoprire la scrivania o la postazione di lavoro di mamma e papà.
I nostri uffici, di solito così seriosi, si illuminano di tanta allegria e vivacità che sembra lasciare persino una piccola scia nei giorni seguenti.
Anche il mio "compagnuccio di stanza" porterà il suo piccoletto, sono proprio contanta di riverderlo, chissà com'è cresciuto dal cuccioletto di 1 anno dell'anno passato, che seduto sulla scrivania del papà, guardava con stupore dentro al video del PC!

Arte y Pico Award

Roma temporali 15° - 17° C

I received the wonderful Pico Award from the lady of Sketched out, go to her blog and you'll be struck: she is creative, talented and so rich of sense of humor!

Here are the rules of the Pico Award:
1) Pick 5 blogs that you feel are deserving of this award based on their creativity, design, interesting material and their contribution to the blogging community.
2) Include the name and link of the award giver, so their blogs can be visited.
3) Include the name and link of the people you award, so their blogs can be visited also.
4) Show the link Arte y Pico, the originator of the award.
5) Publish these rules.

Many are the blogs I love, many are the artist I admire, but rules are rules and here are the five who the Pico Award goes:
  • Alias of Le pti monde d'Alias, she is the sweetest, as her illustrations always full of love and even so melancholy.
  • Andi of Gee, that's swell, she has a big talent very eclectic, everything is good what she does: the gorgeous illustrations, the sweets that make you mouth water through the video, the fantastic children's books ...
  • Christy of Tiddly Inks, her illustrations for children, populated by funny, plump, and a little shy animals, are absolutely adorable.
  • Coralie of Coralie Colorie, when I open her blog always leaves me speechless for a moment, I love her art and the "superb" use of color in all its illustrations.
  • Kristin of Illustration blog, she knows to express feelings and emotions without the need of words, her illustrations are always so sweet and arrive in one's heart of hearts.
I'm so happy to met all of you in this fantastic world of blogs!!!

IF - Wide ... Facing Windows for iGoogle

Roma nuvoloso 13° - 23° C

Facing Windows
Click to enlarge ... it's wide :o)

I take advantage of this topic to show you the newly released version of my dynamic theme for iGoogle "Facing Windows".
I'm waiting it will be publish in Google Themes Directory, meanwhile you can load it by this URL