IF - Fierce

Roma sole 21° - 32° C
Even a small snail becomes fierce if someone touches her home !

Klutz book: “Paper Fashions: Fancy”

Roma sole e caldo 19° - 33° C

A few weeks ago I won the Klutz book "Paper Clothing: Fancy" made by Andi Butler, which gave in prize for her birthday. This book is fantastic and really fun, and here some photos to document the moment I received it!!!

Magnete "Summer Pot"

Roma sereno 17° - 28° C

Sono molto orgogliosa di annunciare che il mio Summer Pot è stato scelto per realizzare un'edizione speciale di magneti, affrettatevi ad acquistarlo, sono stati prodotti solo 50 pezzi !!!
P.S. tutti gli esemplari di Little Worlds sono stati venduti :o)

IF - Punchline ?

Roma nuvoloso 15° - 24° C

Click here for large and looped version: http://www.webalice.it/faruffa/animazioni/mouseloop.swf

This little mouse comes out from the "Libro del Foam", I bought this fantastic booklet for child with lots of ideas and a bunch of pieces of foam, so many shapes and colors: glue a few shapes on a piece of paper and make apples, airplanes, alligators, arrows, aardvarks and absolutely anything else !!!

IF - Forgotten

Roma poco nuvoloso 14° - 23° C

Which is the forgotten pot?
(click here to have the solution)

Fiore rosa

Roma nuvoloso 15° - 19° C

Esercizi di grafica vettoriale: trasparenze

Hoard of books

Roma pioggia 17° - 20° C

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