Care ziette sul cammello

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Grazie al compagnuccio di stanza, ho appena digitalizzato questa stupenda vecchia foto di famiglia che ritrae le care ziette Antonietta e Teresa (circa 80 anni l'una e 75 l'altra) che se vanno a dorso di cammello in Egitto !!!

Just now I scanned this old wonderful photo of family, depicting my dears aunts Antoinetta and Teresa (80 and 75 years old ) tourists in Egypt !!!

Sweet sweet Award

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A lovely and unique gift from Andi Butler, she is a great talented illustrator and has a sweet nature, don't miss her wonderful creations !!!

IF - Canned

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I prefer live music, not canned !
(dedicato a Rao)

Floral pattern

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I adore floreal pattern, especially colorful style 60' , try and try at last I understood how realize a repetitive pattern: here the result !!!

Faruffando compie 1 anno

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One year blog, one year of discoveries.
I discovered passion for illustration and animation, I found many friends to whom I share these passions on the net ... thanks to Blogger and thanks to all you bloggers :o)
... It's strange to think that only a year ago this for me didn't exist!

Un anno di blog, un anno di scoperte.
Ho scoperto la passione per l'illustrazione e per le animazioni, ho scoperto tanti i amici con i quali condividere queste passioni in rete ... un grazie a Blogger e a tutti i bloggisti :o)
... mi riesce proprio difficile pensare che solo un anno fà tutto ciò per me non esistesse!!!

IF - Enough

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He has enough to be a port !!!

Premio 2008 - Brillante Weblog

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The wonderfully talented blog friends Bobo, Christy, Connie, and Senta gave me this award, it's a big honor and a wonderful present for 1th blog birthday, on July 20, thank you very much to you all !!!
Even if you are not their admirers, you must discover the work of these three talented illustrators, so rich of humor, imagination and creativity !

This are the rules of accepting:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Many are the blogs I love and the artists I admire ... it's hard to select 7 entries ... this are my 7 nominations:

IF - Foggy

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Looking out the window in a foggy rainy days