IF - Late

Roma variabile 17° - 21° C

If the laundry does not dry soon, he will be late for tea !

P.S.: the hidden word of last friday is: "ciao"

Vote Autumn Pot !!!

Roma nuvoloso 15° - 24° C

I sent my Autumn Pot at Libellulobar hoping it becomes a beautiful magnet and I need your votes ... if you like it click here to vote me

IF - Strings 2

Roma sereno 14° - 25° C

This one comes from the fun box of sweet of Alessio birth: a little striped pyjamas full of sugared almonds :o)

Gira gira gira ...

Roma sereno 15° - 25° C

IF - Strings

Roma sereno 15° - 25° C

In computer programming "strings" are sequence of symbols or digits: do you know which is the word hidden in this binary sequence?
... italian word 4 letters :o)

IF - Sugary

Roma poco nuvoloso 12° - 21°C

Hansel and Gretel candy house ... maybe