IF - Balloon

Roma pioggia 13° - 17° C

IF - Opinion

Roma nuvoloso 13° - 16° C

For the first time I have ventured to draw a human figure, I'm in difficulty when I try to do this and now I ask your opinion: what do you think about her?

New icon !

Roma variabile 10° - 17° C

Faruffa gardner become the new icon!

IF - Pretend

Roma poco nuvoloso 7° - 15°C

She loves to pretend to be an expert gardener !!!

IF - Wise

Roma poco nuvoloso 10° - 18° C

even if she is so small, she is very wise !

(these days I'm so busy, so I propose you a review of "Hoard")

IF - Vacant

Roma sereno 16° - 24° C

These days I'm a little sad for a loved one who went away ...