Felice Anno Nuovo ♥ Happy New Year ♥ Bonne Année

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I wish you an amazing 2010 !

This is my 2010 mini desk calendar, and you can print each month, in the original format of 8.6 x 9.3 cm at 300 dpi, from here.
I hope you will enjoy it ... even if it's in the Italian calendar format :o)

Kids fashion

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Recently I discovered a fantastic blog: Fashion Fucsia and now I'm crazy for her fashion's illustrations. I tried also and I really enjoyed myself, what do you think about?

Babbo Natale ... paper craft

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I love very much paper toys, so I tried ... download here my little Santa and have fun!

Ghirlanda di babbi

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Santa Claus garland

Calendario 2010 ... gennaio

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I just finished preparing the 2010 calendar, now a month at a time I'll publish it ... I hope you like it :o)


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above a little drawing I wanto to use to make some bookplates in various colors for me

and here another one I did for my husband Jacques :o)

IF - Crunchy

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have super nice weekend to all of you :o)

... in campagna

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Mother Goose has just finished hatch !
...so I remember the old country house where every summer I went on holidays when I was child

IF - Music

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IF - Unbalanced

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unbalanced presence !!!

IF - Blur

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I did this is illustration for the "Journal for the children" on Liber liber: behind the blur reeds, you can see the Queen of Nenuphar who teaches swimming at her daughter the princess :o)

IF - Skinny

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skinny enough?

Faruffando new look

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what do you think about it?

IF - Frozen

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This is another Xmas card I'm preparing ... with a the little frozen friend receiving a flying gift !

Etichette per i libri

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I prepared a series of labels for the books of little Stephan, these have been a big success at school, and now his little friends want custom labels by Faruffa ... and I am very very happy!

IF - Flying

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I'm working (in advance) on this xmas card, and I think it fits good the theme of the week for Illustration Friday.

IF - Germs

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I present to you the affectionate Helicobacter Pylori fond of me !!!

IF - Pattern

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I am very happy to finally be back on IF!

My favourite themes

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(click to enlarge)

It is a bit of time I don't draw anything because of a painful tendonitis of the wrist, now it goes a little better and here again my favorite themes: bookshelf, memories, and the magic of little-big.
I would like to use this illustration to cover a box of tea, and I hope the result will prove satisfactory...

... one more

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Lazzarrella bijouox business card ?!

Lazzarella bijoux

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Here 2 business card I just did for "Lazzarella's bijoux", what do think about?
Lazzarella is a friend of mine so rich of talent, she realizes fantastic jewellery with simple materials. Now she is preparing a photos catalog, and soon she will open a little shop in internet ... good luck Lazzarella :o)))

Enjoy my new iGoogle theme

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Here a new summer theme for your iGoogle page, just publish by Faruffa ... I hope you'll enjoy it :o))) (click the screenshot to add it)

Ecco qua un nuovissimo tema tutto estivo per la vostra pagina iGoogle, appena sfornato dalla Faruffa ... spero vi piaccia :o)))

As long as the boat goes...

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let it go ?!

IF - Shaky

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the voice of a shaky conscience

I did this new version of the illustration "voices" for IF, because I think it's really correct for this topic, isn't?

La principessa di Nenuphar

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A new illustration for the "Journal for the children" on Liber liber: the little frog is the "princess of Nenuphar", and the big one is her mother, teaching her how to dive :o)

non è adorabile?

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un cucciolino di riccio

IF - Drifting

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Jacques and me drifting with our "io e te" !!!

IF - Unfold

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who can unfold her secret ?!

IF - Adapt

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she needs to adapt
... seems to be impossible to find a real wolf today !!!

Tel chi il pesciolino d'oro !

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... on the cover of a children's story published for the no profit project "Journal for the children" for the digital library Liber liber.

... sulla copertina dell'omonimo racconto per bambini di fine 800, pubblicato nell'ambito del progetto no profit "Giornale per i bambini" per la biblioteca digitale Liber liber .

Captains courageous

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desire of summer ... is contagious ?!

IF - Parade

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Nuccia la ranocchietta

Roma pioggia e schiarite +12° +21°C

even an old glove can be very precious ...
(inspired by the "The mouse and his child" by R. Hoban)

anche un vecchio guanto può essere molto prezioso ...
(ispirato a "Il topo e suo figlio" di R. Hoban)

IF - Hierarchy

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uno ...

... due ...

... tre ...

e quattro !

IF - Theatre

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Pulcinella e il carabiniere

Il pesciolino d'oro

Roma poco nuvoloso 13°- 18° C

"The fisherman and the goldfish" ... for now the goldfish

IF - Talisman

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I have already published this illo a few months ago, but I love it and think it's perfect for this topic, isn't it?

IF - Poise

Roma poco nuvoloso +7° +15° C

IF - Legendary

Roma sereno +6° +15° C

The legendary and mysterious lighthouse of the sea fogs

IF - Intricate

Roma pioggia +8° +13° C

... intricate trees hide the little wood house ...

La mia "recherche" ... english version now !

Roma sereno 3° - 13° C

(click objects for details)
I collected in this illo some memories of my childhood, to achieve this illustration has been a pleasant path in my memory and I hope you'll like it!

IF - Instinct

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The ant and the grasshopper ... responsible for their own instincts?