La mia "recherche" ... english version now !

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I collected in this illo some memories of my childhood, to achieve this illustration has been a pleasant path in my memory and I hope you'll like it!

IF - Instinct

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The ant and the grasshopper ... responsible for their own instincts?

Thanks my lovely friends!

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I'm so lucky ... I got these 2 awards: lemonade from Yoon See and kreative blogger from Connie Martin ... thanks my lovely friends.
I love yours works and your blogs and I dedicate this little thought to thank you for support my blog!!!

IF - Celebrate

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... a big cake for a big celebration!!!

Grazie amiche mie !!!

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A big thank you to Roberta and Andi for thought of me. Even if you are not their admirers, you must discover the work of these talented illustrators, so rich of humor imagination and creativity !

Here the list of 7 little things I love:
  1. smell of fresh coffee
  2. storms at night in winter
  3. read a good book before sleep
  4. scent of lavender in drawers of linen
  5. get up late in the morning
  6. have breakfast in bed on Sunday morning
  7. watch old films in black and white at television

Now I pass this nice award to 7 very creative bloggers I love:

To each of you I dedicate this little thought to thank you for support my blog!

IF - Time

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