27 gennaio 2010


Roma sereno +5° +10° C

Tata wears a design from the Mirtillo collection at the Pitti Bimbo 2010 event in Firenze

23 gennaio 2010

IF - Clumsy

Roma sereno -1° +9° C

toothpaste is everywhere except on the brush ...
is Timmy clumsy or hates brushing his teeth?

20 gennaio 2010

Kids fashion (2)

Roma variabile +1° +11° C

Tata wearing a "Laura Biagiotti Dolls" Spring/Summer 2010 collection pink and white dress

16 gennaio 2010

IF - Wilderness

Roma sereno +11° +3° C

Till there will be water, our friend hippo will live in his wilderness habitat... his survival depends on us too!!!

9 gennaio 2010

IF - Confined

Roma pioggia +4° +9° C

poor little bees, Tato confined them in the jar, but he is a good boy and I know he will release them soon!

7 gennaio 2010

I need your opinion ...

Roma poco nuvoloso +7° +12° C

I sent this to Libellulobar for a contest, but it was not accepted :o(
... is it so bad?

1 gennaio 2010

IF - Renewal

Roma pioggia e vento +8° +13° C

this is a renewed version of the original entry

colorful car renewal in bookmark form!