25 maggio 2010

Delivered a new iGoogle theme!!!

Roma sereno +13° +27°C

Spend a day under the sea with my new iGoogle theme ;o)
(click the screenshot to get it)

21 maggio 2010

IF - Early

Roma sereno +10° +22° C

To arrive early for the meeting they decided to go by car!!!

19 maggio 2010

A little fun ...

Roma pioggia +12° +20° C

14 maggio 2010

IF - Equipment

Roma pioggia +13° +19° C

Holidays equipment!!!

11 maggio 2010

IF - Fearless

Roma sereno +15° +24°C

... when I was child I wanted to be fearless, instead every time the swimming lesson was a torment, in return now I love very much swimming ;o)

Sorry for not updating so often, I'm working hard on a project which is keeping me totally busy!!!