16 luglio 2010

IF - Breakfast

Roma sereno +22° + 38° C

some gift tags I printed by MOO, a right entry for the topic of the week?
oh nooo!
... a detail reveals this is not a breakfast: can you say which one?

7 luglio 2010

Mister Saxagoose

Roma sereno +21° +32° C

Saxagoose is my contribution to a wonderful group project called Colonel Windpipe's Musical Brigade, run by talented artists Lesley Barnes and Uberkraaft.
You can find other wonderful submissions to this project on the blog here and more recruits waiting for friday's inspection in the Flickr Group Pool here ;o)

4 luglio 2010

IF - Giant

Roma sereno +20° +35° C

Giant is me!

In the garden of our little sea house live many snails, and I fear to crush them when I walk.

2 luglio 2010

Late satellite

Roma sereno +20° +34° C

Last friday IF topic was Satellite, my satellite passed very late !!!
I'm so sorry for not updating more often, I'm working hard on a project which is keeping me totally busy :o(