3 marzo 2008

Mission Top Secret

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I received an engagement from Alias for this mission: reveal 6 secrets that concerns me and pass the mission on to six other people on the network.
Well here are my 6 secrets:

  1. My real name is Vittoria, Faruffa is my nickname at work and derives from my surname
  2. I have a master degree in chemistry, today I am an information technology consultant, and I have just discovered an uncontrollable passion for drawing and illustrating
  3. my husband is French, he is the most adorable husband, he bears my grumbling character, and supports me in all passions and manias
  4. I love so much my house and I don’t like very much travelling, for this reason I chose, as my icon, the snail that always goes around with her house
  5. my English is very bad so I always use online translators (… perhaps you supposed it!)
  6. I worship order and cleanliness, so I often become pedantic

Now I entrust mission to: Alberto, RaoPaz, Bobo, Roberta, Temz4, Linda, Your mission, if you agree, is to reveal 6 things hyper top secret, and especially exciting, about yourself (your life, your love… also fun… if possible), and pass the mission on to six other people on the network.

7 Commenti:

Alias ha detto...

This exercise is very interesting! We learn it more on the others! Your husband is French and you don't speak french ??? ;)

Faruffa ha detto...

Alias it's exactly: I am not a good student, but he never want to teach me French

sketched out ha detto...

How wonderful to learn these things about you. Especially the part about your little snail, hee hee.

Thanks for entrusting me with the mission. I will take the challenge soon.

mmm ha detto...

Idea intrigante. Gioco antico.
Ma un pò di mistero non è forse più suggestivo ?

Elé ha detto...

Ho capito tutto!
It's funny your explication about the little snail. :)
Thank you for your comments on my blog! See you soon!

Issi ha detto...

hmmm...very interesting :o)
My hen is leaping because she remembered that...;o)

Bobo Cat ha detto...

Interesting reveal. Me, Bobo the cat is going to take this challenge too.