20 maggio 2008

Arte y Pico Award

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I received the wonderful Pico Award from the lady of Sketched out, go to her blog and you'll be struck: she is creative, talented and so rich of sense of humor!

Here are the rules of the Pico Award:
1) Pick 5 blogs that you feel are deserving of this award based on their creativity, design, interesting material and their contribution to the blogging community.
2) Include the name and link of the award giver, so their blogs can be visited.
3) Include the name and link of the people you award, so their blogs can be visited also.
4) Show the link Arte y Pico, the originator of the award.
5) Publish these rules.

Many are the blogs I love, many are the artist I admire, but rules are rules and here are the five who the Pico Award goes:
  • Alias of Le pti monde d'Alias, she is the sweetest, as her illustrations always full of love and even so melancholy.
  • Andi of Gee, that's swell, she has a big talent very eclectic, everything is good what she does: the gorgeous illustrations, the sweets that make you mouth water through the video, the fantastic children's books ...
  • Christy of Tiddly Inks, her illustrations for children, populated by funny, plump, and a little shy animals, are absolutely adorable.
  • Coralie of Coralie Colorie, when I open her blog always leaves me speechless for a moment, I love her art and the "superb" use of color in all its illustrations.
  • Kristin of Illustration blog, she knows to express feelings and emotions without the need of words, her illustrations are always so sweet and arrive in one's heart of hearts.
I'm so happy to met all of you in this fantastic world of blogs!!!

4 Commenti:

co. ha detto...

Hi Faruffa, I'm honored ;-)
Thanks for your comments !

sketched out ha detto...

Hee hee, thanks for the nice things you said about me. You deserve awards!

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi Faruffa,
I'm totally honored and so surprised. Thanks for your choise and the lovely comment about me! ;)

Alias ha detto...

Waouh !
I don't know what to say !
I'm very surprised and very honored by your choice.

Your words about my work and i touch me a lot... Thank you very much !
Thank you for your support :)