24 maggio 2008

Sono arrivati i magneti !!!

Roma sereno 14° - 24° C

Viva Libellubar

Magnets from Libellulobar are arrived: they are so beautiful, much more beautiful as you can see trought the video (and photographed by me), they have a perfect definition and bright, seem ceramics. Bravo to Frédéric who realize them, and to Coralie, Elé (and me) for subjects: so different and all so cheerful!

5 Commenti:

co. ha detto...

Thank you for buying my sheep magnet !!! And put it in your blog ;-)
Talk to you soon,
good inspiration !

Alias ha detto...

I received your magnet too (he's very beautiful !)

I will put soon a photo on my blog!
See you soon ;)

Frédéric ha detto...

Thank you Faruffa!

MayY . C 五月媽媽 ha detto...
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MayY . C 五月媽媽 ha detto...

wow, those magnet look so pretty,
Both of them are my favorites artist too, so do you!