8 settembre 2008

"I love your blog" award

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A blogger friend of mine, Kristin Seeland of Illustration Blog, nominated me for the lovely award "I love you blog" ...thank you Kristin, I'm honored :o)
All of you who pass from here, go to visit her blog and discover her delightful water color characters!
The rules for this award are:
1-Display the logo on your blog

2-Link back to the person you received the award from
3-Nominate 7 other blogs
4-Put links of those blogs on yours
5-Leave a message on their blogs so they know they've been nominated.

Here the seven nominations of blogs that I love:
Rebz Barbouille
May Pictures Blog
My College Art
Senta Plyer
Sketched Out
Temzlandia Illustration

5 Commenti:

Juan ha detto...

Thank you so much Faruffa. 
I am so honoured!!!
Really appreciate the gesture, 
I love your work!

SENTA ha detto...

Aww, thanks a million Faruffa!! I adore your blog too!

NANCY LEFKO ha detto...

thank you so much....I love your work and this means a lot to me :)

sketched out ha detto...

Oh you are such a sweetie! Thanks so much. I love your blog so much too, so this is wonderful to me! It's also my blogs birthday today! I guess I better get back to work, I have been really lazy lately.

Thanks for inspiring me to get back, with this wonderful award!

MayY . C 五月媽媽 ha detto...

I am so touch by it!
Thank you so much! this really make my day! it was a rough day at work, and with the gift you granted, I am all fine and happy!
Greatly appreciate, Thanks Farufa!