25 agosto 2009

Lazzarella bijoux

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Here 2 business card I just did for "Lazzarella's bijoux", what do think about?
Lazzarella is a friend of mine so rich of talent, she realizes fantastic jewellery with simple materials. Now she is preparing a photos catalog, and soon she will open a little shop in internet ... good luck Lazzarella :o)))

3 Commenti:

MayY . C 五月媽媽 ha detto...

I love the girl, she's wearing a cool tinted glasses, beautiful accessories, nice vest match her top, great combination. simply pretty!
You are a great illustrator, so I like to give you an award! please pick it up when you are free!

martanna ha detto...

Cool design! I love the colours!! :-) Just you have a spelling mistake there ^^; it's les bijoux (plurial form) or le bijou :-)

Gaia ha detto...

Ma sono bellissimi!! Sono un po' indietro con i post, come puoi vedere. Questi me li ero proprio persi :D