11 marzo 2010

Shattered dream

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dedicated to all children who suffer !
"Sogni infranti di un'innocenza bambina che svanisce, soffocata,
da crimini di adulta indifferenza..."

Photo: RaoPaz

Illustration: Faruffa

: dream&reality
Words: anonymous

11 Commenti:

Amy C ha detto...

so pretty and sweet

Susan ha detto...

Vittoria, When I first saw these adorable houses I was all set to make a comment - but then I translated the phrase with it - so haunting and sad, I understand the shattered light. There is so much suffering in this world, I talk a bit about it in my latest post. It seems like so many of us are having a rough time this week, so I hope the award for you will cheer you up a bit.

Check out my blog to claim it. Take care, Susan

Mary Jane ha detto...

This seems so sad and I wish you my best thoughts and I am so sorry for the sad event that has happened.

Dam Ferreira ha detto...

beautiful blog!!

Faruffa ha detto...

thanks so much for your comments!!!
Mary Jane I'm so sorry I did not give explanations to interpret this image, it's does not refer to a event occurred to me, it's dedicated to all child who suffer (now thanks to you I have written this one in the header).

Jack Foster ha detto...

Wonderful post my friend. I have a place in my heart fro childen who suffer. Very nice dedication and as usual.... great work! Love your buildings!

lakhsmita indira ha detto...

Vittoria, you are so sweet, thank you very much for the Bambino post :))

i'd like to keep you in my forest if you dont mind.
dont worry, there are no children in my forest who suffer.

xxoo have s sweet day,

Bella Sinclair ha detto...

Oh, Vittoria. So beautifully poignant. What a marvelous combination of elements. I even admired the distortion of the house through the pacifier. Beautiful work. So sad, the children who suffer.

Naama Meyer ha detto...

wow! amazing illustrations! i love them all... do you work with photoshop? or other software?
thank you, naama

Pea ha detto...

I love your art.. so meanningful and sweet!!

ValGalArt ha detto...

yes, this is so deeply touching and the combination of the sweet little town and the deeper loss of childhood innocence is so compelling. Great work!