26 marzo 2010

IF - Rescue

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Illustration Friday topic for the week comes to my rescue: I made this new layout for the blog and I need your help, the page is set for a resolution of 1024 x 768, anyway I tested with IE7 and with Safari 4 in resolutions up to 1680 x 1050 and everything seems ok, except on my laptop (IE6) where it seems wrong.
I ask you to help me understand if the new layout works, tell me if it appears like the thumbnail below or if it appears lopsided.
Thanks all of you my blogging friends :o)

12 Commenti:

lakhsmita indira ha detto...

Vittoria, i use Wyzo, and it appears like the thumbnail above.

lakhsmita indira ha detto...

and i love the new background color!

Mary Jane ha detto...

It looks fine from my end. I have a PC with Internet Explorer.
I have to admite that I will miss your other lay out with your wonderful header. I thought it was unusual and amazing.
But of course I will become accustomed to your new look.

Bella Sinclair ha detto...

How cute, cute, CUTE! I love the binder page and colorful tabs! You have the best ideas.

I'm using Firefox 3.6.2, and it looks mostly fine. However, the rectangular area for the header, and the box for the profile are a slightly darker shade of brown than the general background. I don't know if this was intentional or not. Otherwise, it looks great!

Stefania ha detto...

Ciao Faruffa, è un pò di settimane che non giro per il net e mi ha fatto molto piacere vedere che anche tu hai rinnovato lo stile del blog :)

Ieri sono passata ed ho visto tutto ko, ho pensato che l'avessi chiuso per sistemarlo ed infatti!

Se può esserti utile io utilizzo Firefox 3.5, IE7, Opera e Operamini per smartphone e con tutti lo vedo magnificamente, non preoccuparti per IE6 tanto è destinato a sparire.

Anche io faccio diecimila test quando cambio grafica al sito, l'unico che non posso fare è con Safari, soltanto una volta possedevo anche lui ma ora non più :)

Complimenti per l'idea di IF, è stato un vero e proprio salvataggio e ti è riuscito benissimo, ora vado a fare un giro per gli altri blog da cui sono mancata, a presto :)


ValGalArt ha detto...

Oh, she is so darling and i love her feet :D I think your new layout is perfection, i just love it!

Amalia K ha detto...

Oh, isn't she a darling little nurse??? Love it, Vittoria! And Your blog looks absolutely wonderful, nothing lopsided about it... (^+^) ox

Sasan Fahimi ha detto...

This is a very nice little

Susan ha detto...

Vittoria, this nurse is such a cutie, I especially adore her smart little stockings! Your new layout looks A-OK from my end, absolutely great. I really need to give mine a new look too - so much to do!

Have a wonderful day, Susan

Doodle Isle ha detto...

oooo love your style and character design - great work!! and the blog is looking awesome

Doodlestreet ha detto...

Thank you for coming by and posting a note on my blog! Your work is outstanding! I absolutely love it!

Your layout looks good on my end. I wonder if the lopsided look might be just an optical illusion from the black box with the tabs?? That happens to me sometimes when I am designing if I cut away at a dark color similarly to the black area cut in by the yellow and orange tabs..did that make sense?
I love the layout! You have a really wonderful flair...the X factor, if I may. :O) And your work is vivid and animated. A true delight to look at..seriously!!

theartofpuro ha detto...

Il layout io lo vedo perfetto!La piccola infermiera e' perfetta per il topic della settimana:)
Buona Pasqua!:)