2 marzo 2011

Streetview iGoogle theme

Roma pioggia e freddo +5° +10°C

a new scene for iGoogle theme Street view will be online soon :o)

"rainy time"

some other scenes, alredy online, from the same theme:

"school's out"

"firefighter saves cat"

"at the night"

7 Commenti:

Ces ha detto...

I love enlarging the images and finding so many surprises. The ghost! is waving! Haha anything. Hahahah! I love the clothes on the line, the crushed soda cans, different dogs, flower boxes. You did not leave out anything. These are so neat!

Tracy ha detto...

Omigosh! These are PRECIOUS! :) I love the rain one; our Kindergarten classroom is learning about weather right now. Love these :)

Brad ha detto...

really cool designs! i will have to get this!

Mary Jane ha detto...

Beautifully done. I have your park scene design on my igoogle page but I might switch over to the new design when it is ready and if I can remember how to get it up there.
Your cleverly created worlds are so child friendly. The fireman and red fire truck are adorable.

theartofpuro ha detto...


Jannie aka Chickengirl ha detto...

Really sweet scenes!

Joe Richardson ha detto...

Love your igoogle themes! They're beautiful and uplifting. Thank you for sharing them.