23 dicembre 2010

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to all of you !!!

19 dicembre 2010

IF - Mail

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16 dicembre 2010

Happiness is a bubble bath !!!

Roma sereno -2° +6° C

because of a surgery, I could not have a bath for two months ... tomorrow I'll remove the bandages and finally I will do a magnificent, long and hot bubble bath :o)))

10 dicembre 2010

IF - Phenomenon

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Atmospheric Phenomenon

8 dicembre 2010

New calendar is ready

Roma coperto +14° +19° C

I'm so glad, prints of my new calendar have finally arrived by MOO!

To gift it for xmas I thought of this packaging: a transparent bag and a cheerful closing ... do you like it?

4 dicembre 2010

IF - prehistoric

Roma nuvoloso +3° +9° C

prehistorical baby-delivery service !

1 dicembre 2010

Rainy time

Roma pioggia +12° +16° C

rain, rain, rain ... when a bit of sun?

3 ottobre 2010

IF - Beneath

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I'm sorry for not updating so often, I hope I'll have more time and peace of mind, to visit your blogs, and update mine, more often !

31 agosto 2010

bye bye holidays

Roma sereno +14° +28°C

my husband and his "Deauville" on holidays

Dear blogger friends I'm back from a nice holiday ... away from it all: no Internet, no TV, no newspapers ... relax only, so now I'm behind with updates, and I'm almost afraid of opening my Google Reader and find out I'll never be able to catch up with everyone...

16 luglio 2010

IF - Breakfast

Roma sereno +22° + 38° C

some gift tags I printed by MOO, a right entry for the topic of the week?
oh nooo!
... a detail reveals this is not a breakfast: can you say which one?

7 luglio 2010

Mister Saxagoose

Roma sereno +21° +32° C

Saxagoose is my contribution to a wonderful group project called Colonel Windpipe's Musical Brigade, run by talented artists Lesley Barnes and Uberkraaft.
You can find other wonderful submissions to this project on the blog here and more recruits waiting for friday's inspection in the Flickr Group Pool here ;o)

4 luglio 2010

IF - Giant

Roma sereno +20° +35° C

Giant is me!

In the garden of our little sea house live many snails, and I fear to crush them when I walk.

2 luglio 2010

Late satellite

Roma sereno +20° +34° C

Last friday IF topic was Satellite, my satellite passed very late !!!
I'm so sorry for not updating more often, I'm working hard on a project which is keeping me totally busy :o(

15 giugno 2010

IF - Ripple

Roma nuvoloso +19° +32°C

This week Illustration Friday propose a very special topic "Ripple", suggested by Kelly Light to help with the Gulf oil spill: donated artwork for animals, to learn more visit Ripple blog

Here my entries:

"sad whale"

"Panic on seabed"

4 giugno 2010

IF - Trail

Roma sereno +12 +25°C

she follows the trail ...

25 maggio 2010

Delivered a new iGoogle theme!!!

Roma sereno +13° +27°C

Spend a day under the sea with my new iGoogle theme ;o)
(click the screenshot to get it)

21 maggio 2010

IF - Early

Roma sereno +10° +22° C

To arrive early for the meeting they decided to go by car!!!

19 maggio 2010

A little fun ...

Roma pioggia +12° +20° C

14 maggio 2010

IF - Equipment

Roma pioggia +13° +19° C

Holidays equipment!!!

11 maggio 2010

IF - Fearless

Roma sereno +15° +24°C

... when I was child I wanted to be fearless, instead every time the swimming lesson was a torment, in return now I love very much swimming ;o)

Sorry for not updating so often, I'm working hard on a project which is keeping me totally busy!!!

16 aprile 2010

IF - Detective

Roma sereno +10° +22° C

detective Tata investigates !!!

11 aprile 2010

IF - Linked

Roma nuvoloso +10° +17° C
he loves to be linked to the sky !!!

4 aprile 2010

Buona Pasqua

Roma nuvoloso +7° +16° C

2 aprile 2010

26 marzo 2010

IF - Rescue

Roma sereno + 8° +19°C
Illustration Friday topic for the week comes to my rescue: I made this new layout for the blog and I need your help, the page is set for a resolution of 1024 x 768, anyway I tested with IE7 and with Safari 4 in resolutions up to 1680 x 1050 and everything seems ok, except on my laptop (IE6) where it seems wrong.
I ask you to help me understand if the new layout works, tell me if it appears like the thumbnail below or if it appears lopsided.
Thanks all of you my blogging friends :o)

17 marzo 2010

IF - Subterranean

Roma sereno +2° +16° C

the subterranean way will be the future of the world?

11 marzo 2010

Shattered dream

Roma nuvoloso +4° +7° C

dedicated to all children who suffer !
"Sogni infranti di un'innocenza bambina che svanisce, soffocata,
da crimini di adulta indifferenza..."

Photo: RaoPaz

Illustration: Faruffa

: dream&reality
Words: anonymous

3 marzo 2010

|۩&೧__| Bambino

Roma nuvoloso +7° +11°C

And this is the moon that fills the hollows. The hollows in the sky and sea and the spaces where thoughts should be, it starts slowly, in silence more stars drift and cling to the others like inseparable fragments of a whole.The sky is falling, the streets aren't empty anymore.

Photo: RaoPaz
Illustration: Faruffa
Project : dream&reality

Words: lakhsmita indira

28 febbraio 2010

IF - Perspective

Roma nuvoloso +11° +18° C
Choosing the right clothes can change the perspective of the day !

19 febbraio 2010

IF - Propagate

Roma pioggia e vento +9° +16° C

propagate ... the most natural consequence of my last post :o))

11 febbraio 2010

Buon San Valentino :o)

Roma pioggia +3° +7° C

5 febbraio 2010

IF - Muddy

Roma piovoso + 5° +11° C

Antonyms of Muddy: bright, clean, clear ...
I know, I'm cheating, but I just finished it and I want to share it with you :o)

27 gennaio 2010


Roma sereno +5° +10° C

Tata wears a design from the Mirtillo collection at the Pitti Bimbo 2010 event in Firenze

23 gennaio 2010

IF - Clumsy

Roma sereno -1° +9° C

toothpaste is everywhere except on the brush ...
is Timmy clumsy or hates brushing his teeth?

20 gennaio 2010

Kids fashion (2)

Roma variabile +1° +11° C

Tata wearing a "Laura Biagiotti Dolls" Spring/Summer 2010 collection pink and white dress

16 gennaio 2010

IF - Wilderness

Roma sereno +11° +3° C

Till there will be water, our friend hippo will live in his wilderness habitat... his survival depends on us too!!!

9 gennaio 2010

IF - Confined

Roma pioggia +4° +9° C

poor little bees, Tato confined them in the jar, but he is a good boy and I know he will release them soon!

7 gennaio 2010

I need your opinion ...

Roma poco nuvoloso +7° +12° C

I sent this to Libellulobar for a contest, but it was not accepted :o(
... is it so bad?

1 gennaio 2010

IF - Renewal

Roma pioggia e vento +8° +13° C

this is a renewed version of the original entry

colorful car renewal in bookmark form!