26 marzo 2010

IF - Rescue

Roma sereno + 8° +19°C
Illustration Friday topic for the week comes to my rescue: I made this new layout for the blog and I need your help, the page is set for a resolution of 1024 x 768, anyway I tested with IE7 and with Safari 4 in resolutions up to 1680 x 1050 and everything seems ok, except on my laptop (IE6) where it seems wrong.
I ask you to help me understand if the new layout works, tell me if it appears like the thumbnail below or if it appears lopsided.
Thanks all of you my blogging friends :o)

17 marzo 2010

IF - Subterranean

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the subterranean way will be the future of the world?

11 marzo 2010

Shattered dream

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dedicated to all children who suffer !
"Sogni infranti di un'innocenza bambina che svanisce, soffocata,
da crimini di adulta indifferenza..."

Photo: RaoPaz

Illustration: Faruffa

: dream&reality
Words: anonymous

3 marzo 2010

|۩&೧__| Bambino

Roma nuvoloso +7° +11°C

And this is the moon that fills the hollows. The hollows in the sky and sea and the spaces where thoughts should be, it starts slowly, in silence more stars drift and cling to the others like inseparable fragments of a whole.The sky is falling, the streets aren't empty anymore.

Photo: RaoPaz
Illustration: Faruffa
Project : dream&reality

Words: lakhsmita indira